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Lola began working with Bound2Burst in April 2008. In the past two years, she has made 32 movies (with many more planned for 2010). Lola is one of those models who gives her all to each performance, allowing herself to get into a seriously desperate state to get the very best results. Most of the time she is being filmed, her bladder is full (sometimes visibly bulging), and she often declares, on and off camera, that she is almost bursting.

Initially, Lola was not at all sure she could pee in front of strangers, and especially not in front of cameras, but after a bit of with struggle in "The Talkative Neighbour", she took to it like a duck to water and we've never looked back.

The selection of movies here span a range of subjects and styles, from on location filming to being made to pee herself while bound. It also includes the behind the scenes movie "The making of The Recruitment Scout" which shows the audience just how far Lola will go to put on a good show. In many of these movies, she plays opposite her husband Bruce who enjoys acting as the bad guy and getting his wife into desperate situations. There are also appearances by Tabitha (Urgent Call), Jayne (Tickle Me Until I Pee) and Nyxon (Tickle me until I Pee plus a cameo in Urgent Call).
  • Unable to Wait
  • The Talkative Neighbour
  • Forced Time Out
  • Urgent Call
  • The Making of The Recruitment Scout


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