Hectic Hostess
(Female Desperation)

Written by Desperation Lover
This story is © 2009 by Desperation Lover.
All rights reserved.

      Sandra was all dressed up and ready for the first day of her part-time job. She was going to be a hostess at a party this evening, which mainly meant serving drinks to the people at the party and being a nice piece of eye candy for the male attendees. Sandra was about 25 minutes away from her destination, and she wanted to be there early enough to become familiar with the premises and make a good impression on Mr. Stewart. He was the man who noticed her and offered her the job, after all.

      Mr. Stewart's house was almost in sight. Just one more turn and his house would be at the top of the hill. The time was now 19:30 and Sandra had finished her tall Starbuck's frappuccino and was nearly done with a half-liter bottle of water by the time she arrived at Mr. Stewart's gate. Her vehicle was allowed in and she made her way to the back area of the mansion where all the invitees would be parking their cars. Upon arrival, Sandra's keys and coat were taken for her and she was lead down a narrow brick path to the door where the service personnel were stationed for the night's festivities.

      As she walked towards the door, she felt a very slight signal from her bladder. The signal was slight enough that Sandra didn't even need to think about it for much longer than a few seconds, but more simply as a reminder that her bladder was filling with the coffee and water she had so quickly consumed during her journey to Mr. Stewart's house. She made her way to the main ballroom, which was where she would be spending the majority of her time during the evening. Sandra confidently took a very ornate drink tray and set up a few drinks at each table. This would save her some work during the opening minutes of the party. Just as she finished setting the champagne glasses on the tables in their assigned positions, Mr. Stewart walked into the room.

      Mr. Stewart: "You've done a lovely job with the opening round of refreshments, my dear."

      Sandra: "Why thank you, Mr. Stewart. Thank you for the opportunity to be a hostess at your magnificent home."

      "Mr. Stewart: I'm anticipating a wonderful evening for everyone in attendance."

      He was very confident that this gathering of friends was going to be nothing short of extraordinary.

      Mr. Stewart: "Please, help yourself to some champagne, Sandra. You've been very busy since you arrived, and the guests are starting to migrate towards the main ballroom. I think you've earned a small reward for that."

      Sandra wasn't thirsty, but she took a glass of champagne anyway and took a sip. Sandra's glass was placed behind a spot at the bar just as the first few guests were arriving and making themselves comfortable. It was only forty-five minutes since she arrived (20:15), and Sandra felt an unmistakable surge come from her bladder. This time it was enough to get her undivided attention for about a minute, but she was still able to function normally without showing any outward signs that she was feeling the need to relieve herself. She calmly pressed her legs together for a second as the initial surge hit her and then proceeded greeting guests as they continued coming in.

      An hour after Sandra arrived (20:30), most of the guests were mingling and enjoying their luxurious meals and refreshments, taking in the atmosphere that Mr. Stewart had created for them. Not to be outdone, Sandra's bladder started to create an atmosphere all its own. A wave of pressure pulsed through Sandra's lower abdominal area as she served a couple some fine wine, forcing Sandra to press her thighs together as she placed their glasses on their table. Fortunately, no one seemed to notice her squeezed thighs as anything out of the ordinary for the moment, as they continued conversing about their business, families, and catching up on things going on in their lives. Sandra knew that she wouldn't be able to hide her need to pee for much longer, but she figured she would be able to easily slip away to the little girls' room very shortly. Surely, it shouldn't be difficult to get a short break and empty her bladder at such a luxurious venue. Just as she was making her way back towards the bar, she ran into Mr. Stewart once again.

      Mr. Stewart: "Are you having a good time, Sandra?"

      Sandra: "Oh yes, everything has been wonderful so far, Mr. Stewart."

      Mr. Stewart: "I'm glad to hear you're enjoying yourself. Feel free to help yourself to any drinks you want."

      Sandra: "Thank you, Mr. Stewart, but I think I'll pass on anymore drinks for a while."

      Mr. Stewart had to quickly end the conversation with Sandra, getting back to making the rounds and conversing with his many guests.

      The bar was very busy tonight, which at least kept Sandra walking around and busy. This helped keep her mind somewhat off her bladder, but she could feel the waves coming stronger and with greater frequency now. It was now 21:15, and everyone was in a party groove and loosened up from the initial rounds of alcohol and the wonderful meal that Mr. Stewart had arranged for the party. While Mr. Stewart's guests were enjoying themselves in the magnificent ballroom, Sandra was really starting to worry about her need to pee. The urge was now a constant weight pressing against her urethra, and the dress she was wearing was snug enough to intensify the pressure ever so slightly. Sandra finally got a chance to sit down and take a breather. She found a chair in the corner of the ballroom farthest from the bar. Just as she sat down, a sharp jolt from between her legs forced her to cross her left leg over her right. This wave was so strong that her bladder wouldn't have been able to contain her pee any longer if she hadn't crossed her legs in time.

      After a couple of minutes, she could see that more people were requesting drinks and needed to be entertained by a sexy hostess again, so she got up and walked towards the bar to refill the glasses. As Sandra walked to the bar, she needed to squeeze her legs together while she walked to help maintain control of her bladder. Her steps must have looked a bit tense to anyone who was paying her any attention, but she made it back to the bar without incident. The bartender stopped to tell her which drinks were going to which guest. As he was talking to her, he noticed that she was having a hard time concentrating and she was shifting her weight from one leg to the other. Sandra looked very stiff as she walked around, and the bartender was keeping his eyes on her. After seeing her walk with her thighs pressed together and catching her free hand snake its way under her skirt, he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the beautiful hostess needed to pee and that it must be getting quite urgent if she needed to resort to grabbing her crotch.

      Sandra's bladder was relentlessly screaming for relief. It was now two and a half hours (22:00) since she arrived, and Sandra stopped to cross her legs at every opportunity she had. Fortunately, the flow of drinks had slowed considerably, but she was still making the rounds to make sure that the ambiance of the party stayed upbeat and that she remained visible in the party. She sat down at one of the tables to help collect her composure. She crossed her legs as tightly as she could, and managed to press one hand under her dress to apply some much needed pressure to her throbbing bladder. Her aching, fatigued pussy thanked her for easing the pressure temporarily. That hand was quickly forced away as Sandra saw Mr. Stewart arrive at the table.

      Mr. Stewart: "This has been a wonderful event so far. The guests love you, and you have been on top of things all night long."

      Sandra: "Thank you Mr. Stewart, you have put together a magical evening."

      After a short pause, Sandra was able to regain some sense of composure.

      Sandra: "Excuse me Mr. Stewart, can you tell me where your bathroom is? That champagne is going right through me."

      Mr. Stewart: "I'll show you when the party is over. I need you to be my hostess until people start leaving for the night."

      Sandra: "Mr. Stewart, please...I wouldn't be asking unless I really needed to use the ladies' room."

      Mr. Stewart: "The main gathering is going to be over soon. You're a big girl, I'm sure you can hold it for a little while longer."

      Sandra was able to keep her composure just long enough for Mr. Stewart to leave the table and start walking towards the main gathering, when her bladder made another violent push. Despite Sandra having her legs tightly crossed, she wasn't able to reach her hand back under her dress in time to completely stem the tide. She felt a short jet squirt out of her pee-hole, and by the time her hand reached her crotch to apply pressure, she felt a wet spot on the outside of her satin panties. Her bladder and aching abdominal muscles were making their final stand against the reservoir contained between her legs, and it would not be long now before the floodgates opened. After three desperate minutes battling with her bladder, Sandra managed to get up and start walking around again. Much to Sandra's relief, this took some pressure off her bladder, but her weakening bladder muscles still needed every ounce of strength to hold back her fierce urge to pee.

      Meanwhile, the bartender was watching Sandra and very much enjoying the view. He wondered if there was any way that this attractive young woman would actually lose control of her bladder during the party. Just watching her stop to cross her legs, press her thighs together, and now starting to grab at her crotch meant that she must be frantic underneath that sexy dress of hers. The bartender saw Sandra sit down at a table with a guest. He only wish he could be right underneath the tablecloth to watch her squirm, dance, and hold herself as she fought desperately to hold in her pee. However, he did have another idea.

      Sandra's legs were trembling with every step as the bartender watched her make her way to the table. During her desperate walk she lost control again and another squirt trickled its way out of her. There was a wet stream going down the inside of her left leg, but she got herself seated before the man across the table could see it. She grabbed the tablecloth and wiped her leg down as soon as she was seated. The distressed and embarrassed look on her face got the attention of the woman at the table.

      Female guest: "Are you ok, sweetie? You look worried about something."

      Sandra: "Yes ma'am I'm fine."

      Female guest: "Are you sure?"

      Sandra gasped as another wave of pressure cascaded from her bladder. Her panties were wet enough now that she knew the back of her dress was damp. With one hand jammed in her crotch between crossed legs, she leaned over ever so carefully to pull the back of her dress up from underneath her ass to prevent the pee from soaking though and leaving a visible wet patch on the back of her dress. Now her saturated panties would leave a wet spot on her chair, but at this point it was better than having to get up and be the hostess with a wet dress for the rest of the party.

      Female guest: "What's wrong, honey?"

      Sandra: "I just really need to go pee."

      Female guest: "You must need to go pretty badly."

      Sandra: "This is SO embarrassing...I'm about to burst here."

      Female guest: "You better run off to the ladies' before you have an accident."

      After a short pause, the Female Guest added: "I really need to be leaving the party now. My husband is drunk and I need to empty my bladder before I drive him home. That champagne from earlier has been going right through me all night, and it seems to have had a similar effect on you.

      As the female guest and her husband left, more guests started leaving. Sandra's eyes widened with hope, knowing that Mr. Stewart would soon come and point the way to her bladder's rescue.

      Mr. Stewart: "Sandra, you've been in and out for a while. How are you holding up?"

      Sandra: "Mr. Stewart, I see that some of your guests are on their way out...."

      Mr. Stewart: "Yes Sandra, a few of them are leaving, but most of them are staying."

      Sandra: "Please show me where the bathroom is....I'm going to wet myself if you don't tell me where it is right now."

      Mr. Stewart was actually enjoying the power he possessed over Sandra's current situation. Without swift action, his stunning young hostess would be pissing herself in a matter of minutes, maybe even seconds. He started leading Sandra towards the toilet she so obviously needed, and he was rewarded for his good deed. Whether Sandra was thanking him, or acting out of pure overwhelming desperation, she grabbed his hand and jammed it as firmly as she could between her legs to help her maintain the tiny thread of control her bladder had left. Mr. Stewart could feel the dampness in Sandra's panties, and her legs were trembling with every step. After a minute and a half, Mr. Stewart had arrived with Sandra at the bathroom door. It was right next to the corner where she found the chair she crossed her legs on earlier

      Sandra: "Oh, thank you Mr. Stewart! I can't hold it for another minute!"

      Mr. Stewart: "You're welcome Sandra. It feels like this party has given your panties all they can handle tonight."

      After an embarrassed, and slightly naught blush, Sandra replied, "Y-Y-Yes it has, Mr. Stewart."

      Apparently the walk and the desperate pleas from Sandra got the attention of the remaining guests and they were all watching as Sandra frantically reached her destination. She leaned her shoulder into the door so that she wouldn't have to take either of her hands out from between her legs. Sandra couldn't believe it...the door was locked!! The bartender knew it was going to be close earlier, so when he got the opportunity, he locked the bathroom door. As soon as Sandra hit the door and didn't get in, she started to lose control. She peed a solid stream for about three seconds before she managed to squeeze it to an embarrassing trickle and completely stem the flow for another second.


      Sandra was doubled over with her legs crossed and trembling. She staged a final, frantic pee-pee dance as she tried to maintain the last ounce of her dignity, but then a very audible hissing sound filled the room. Sandra's pee came roaring out from her fatigued and defeated pussy, splashing and then soaking into the rug beneath her. Streams flowed down the inside of her legs, and her shoes were soaking wet. After 51 humiliating seconds, Sandra stopped peeing and slumped into the chair she sat in earlier. All of the remaining guests had seen the last few minutes of her struggle, and the resulting geyser that erupted out from under her dress. She still had her thighs pressed together, with only enough room to have both of her hands jammed between them. Her first night as a hostess had ended in total disaster. She could only hope that none of the remaining guests would post the pictures they had captured anyplace where a lot of people would find them.

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