Painting With a Full Bladder
(Female Desperation)

Written by Veronique
This story is © 2009 by Veronique.
All rights reserved.

      I had to paint a bandlogo as a gift for a friend of mine as a birthday present. I am the most artifical in our group and so it was on me.

      The plan was to copy it onto a foil and throw it onto the drawing with a projector so that I could draw the outlines with a pencil and then work with the color.

      So I searched for a good picture of the logo, packed my pencils and brushes and started to the copy-shop. I got my foil quickly and than jumped in the supermarket to get some beer (never do art without it) and also some water for the drive because it was a hot day.

      It was a half an hour journey to the depot of a friend of mine, where I wanted to paint it, because there it didn't matter if I got colors onto the floor and also there was enough space for the projektion.

      As I reached the depot I felt some little signals from my bladder that it was filling up after the bottle of water.

      I opened the door with the key my mate gave me and looked around. The location was ideal. There were electric outlets to plug in the projektor, blinds to dark the room while projecting but there was no water tap. I looked around for a bathroom, not because my low need to pee, but I needed it to mix the colors. I went outside and rounded the building and thank god there was a water tap on the side of the depot.

      So I started to adjust my equipment and then opened the first can of beer and relaxed a bit.

      I was ready to start.

      I darkened the room and and put on the projector and started to draw the outlines.

      Now after the beer I felt a sudden urge to pee. Nothing serious because my bladder didn't bulge much, but a sharp urge I had to fight against. After a while it disappeared again. I knew this, because most every time if I drink cold beer I feel a sudden urge.

      But fourty minutes later I felt that my bladder was filling up and I had some problems to concentrate on the little details in the painting becuase of shifting my weight from side to side.

      But I was nearly at the end of the outlines and decided to finish it and then search again if there weren't any bathrooms.

      Finishing the outlines last maybe ten or fiveteen minutes more and I was glad after that to be able to leth some light in again and open the doors, because it was hot.

      Then I again looked around inside the depot for a bathroom and opened several doors but behind none of them was what I needed.

      Okay, my need was present, but not very urgent and I calculated how long it would take to paint the picture. I would have to wait an hour more.

      So I started to mix the colors and walked to the water tap an filled a bucket with water. The sound of the running water reminded me on my need to pee an I had to clench my muscles shut.

      I walked back in and started with painting. After more than half an hour later I found myself now steadily tapping from foot to foot with an uncomfortably full bladder.

      Suddenly I heard a car behind me reaching the carpark of the depot.

      I turned around and could see the friend who owns this depot climbing out of his car. He had to do in the area and wanted to visit me: "Hey Veronique,

      I'm glad to meet the female picasse!" he laughed out.

      We joked a bit and I had to stop painting becuase I couldn't concentrate on talking, painting and holding a full bladder. I stood with my thighs pressed together a bit wiggling. Then he saw the beer and asked me for one and so we opened each one a can of beer and sat nearby

      You'll get new inspiration if you drink a bit!" he said.

      Sitting was nice, because me feet hurt a bit from standing so long and it was a relief for my spincthor muscles. I crossed my legs and we talked maybe ten minutes or so.

      I felt again a massive urge from the beer and this time it wasn't as easy as before because additional to the "beer urge" came the real urge of a now very full bladder. I pressed my legs together with more pressure and the urge decreased a bit.

      I wanted to take the chance now:"Mh by the way, are there any restrooms?"

      "No, we only store our material here but there is nobody working."

      That was not what I wanted to hear and I knew that now Ihad to hurry with the painting becuase I would have to pee soon.

      So I stood up and took the brush again. He asked if we should open another can but I denied it in matter of having to drive with the car. In reality I hoped that he would leave soon because I had massive problems to stand there with the brush without shaking my legs.

      But he didn't and opened himself another beer. He talked on and on and I began to panic a bit becuase I now felt the additional liquid of the second beer was to much for my bladder. I was standing with my legs crossed most of the time and keeping my answers short.

      Of course I had to take some steps from time to time to get more color or watering the brush but managed to supress the need to pee. But with the time passing by the ability to hold it weakened. I was standing sidewards to him so sometimes when the need turned into a sharp urge I grabbed the waistband of my trousers with my left hand and pulled it up heavy.

      Bending down to the bucket became difficult and concentration left. I had to correct more and more mistakes and after another cramp inside I knew I had to go now. I put away my brush and walked outside

      "I'm back in a minute"

      Of course he knew I wanted to pee becuase I had asked for a bathroom before. I hurried outside and walked around without direction. Everythere were factories and carparks with many people around, behind the depot was anoter building with offices inside. In fact there was no place to squat down without beeing seen or getting in a very high risk to get seen.

      So I walked back inside. The walking had helped me to get more comfortable and the next minutes I was back in control. But suddenly there came such a sharp urge to pee that I had to cross my legs hard and bend over noticable and my friend stopped talking and asked if I was Okay. I tried to starighten up but another massive urge hit me and I crossed my legs harder to regain control. I moaned because of the pain and couldn't help me but had to grab my crotch for a few seconds to prevent myself from wetting.

      I regained control:"I'm Okay but I need to pee bad."

      "I could drive you to our office, it would take not mare than five minutes!"

      I doubt I could last even one minute more but agreed:"Thank you that would be fine."

      I did now an unshamed pee dance with both hands deep into my pockets.

      He searched his keys and stood up: "Okay lets go!"

      Again my bladder spasmed and I had to cross my legs hard, pressing both hands deeper into the pockets nearly loosing it. Then I saw the bucket and knew it was my only chance.

      "Could you please go outside for a moment"

      "I don't understand, I think we have to go outside to go to my office?"

      "I don't think I will make it one more minute" I said bending forward a bit more becuase of another wave of pressure.

      "Are you kidding" he asked a bit surprised.

      It was so embarrassing: "No I'm really about to pee my pants now." My body trembled with the efford to hold the pee back.

      "Then go outside behind some bushes if it's this urgent"

      "There's no place to hide, I tried it before"

      "But..." he started and I interrupted him:"I'm absolute desperate, please go outside, then I will pee into the bucket." and I walked over to it with stiff legs, pulling my pants between my legs..

      "You will really go onto this bucket"

      I felt the pee moving inside my body.

      "Better than wetting my pants! Please go!" I had opened my waistband now ready to pull dowm my pants but he didn't believe it. I felt spurt escape and pressed between my legs with the last dignity not to pee in front of him.

      He looked at me and could see that I was about to strip down in front of him, then he blushed and headed outside.

      I pulled down my trousers and underwear and started to pee in the bucket.

      After that I emptied the bucket and replaced the water. I continued the painting and my friend excused himself for not being sensible.

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